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Jenny Dixon Beach - The story...

Jenny Dixon Beach is an Australian thriller/horror genre feature film, which is based on actual events that have happened on the Central Coast of NSW. The story revolves around a young school girl who was abducted  by car full of youth's along a stretch of  road at Noraville NSW. It is said the poor girl was brutally raped, bashed and left for dead at a local reserve at Jenny Dixon Beach. After the poor girls death, the four youth's all claimed to be haunted by the girls ghost, and have since turned up dead one by one. Local Police have also had countless reports about a hitch hiking ghost along that stretch of road. It is a fact that the written Police reports have run into the hundreds by both locals and holiday makers alike. Over half of local Police have also reported to have seen the young ladies apparition. It is said that she will never rest...

Jenny Dixon Beach DVD.

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