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Written/produced and Directed by Christopher Halling
First Assistant Director - Carl Blacklidge
Second Unit Director - Joshua Aspinall
Produced by Christopher Halling, Stephen Towers and Josh Aspinall
D.o.p./ Cameraman. Christopher Halling 
Gaffer/lighting / Second Cameraman - Tim Dennis 
Sound Recordists -david Liam, John Chae, Shane James and Duncan Mcfarlane 
Sound Editor - David Liam 
Sound Fx - David Liam 
Sfx/makeup - Jessica Brown, Lisa Mccraw and Dave Warton
Set Designers - Stephen Towers, Joshua Aspinall, Britt Southern
Props - Stephen Towers
Theatrical Armourer - Christopher Halling
Stunt Coordinator - Dennis Kreusler
Stunts - Dennis Kreusler, Matt Penglase and Christopher Halling
Safety Officer/first Aid - Stephen Towers
Production Manager - Rowena Murphy
Set Assistants - Duncan Mcfarlane and Rowena Murphy
Executive Producer - Christopher Halling
Music - George Dimoudis, Jason Williams From Hypnos
Soundscore by Christopher Halling and Shane James
Photography - Jim Picot Photography
Paranormal Research - Mark Halliday